Mahabir Dai and restaurant ??

What’s going on? a wireless social guy who has helped various villages in rural Nepal is setting up a restaurant? things don’t match up !!!!

 Things do match up in Mahabir Dai's Vision


“I had tried to start a restaurant in Denver, USA in 2000 in order to generate money for community development project in Nepal.

I have always thought that it could be one of the many ways to generate money. That time I could not do it because I did not stay there and I did not have money to do that.

Therefore with the same idea, I started Nepal Connection in 2012 September. It is the only restaurant in Kathmandu to Support Rural Communities in Nepal

All the proceeds from the restaurant go to support  the education 
and health programs in rural Nepal.

All the food we sell in the restaurant counts, this idea of dining out and serving the community is a fantastic idea that Mahabir Dai has put forward. We invite all of you to dine in our restaurant that makes you feel you have contributed to your society through Mahabir Dai’s Restaurant.

We also invite you to join a community “Nepal Connection” established by Mahabir Pun that serves as a platform to connect to like-minded people who would like to work and improve their community not only by donations but by sharing ideas and volunteering in various social works carried out around the country. Thus this restaurant also serves a platform to meet like-minded individuals and currently serves as the promotion center and contact point for the community managed the eco-trekking program. At the restaurant, you can also learn through the slideshow about various social projects and currently, Nepal connection manages following programmes:

 • Annapurna Dhaulagiri Community Trekking Routes Managed by Local Communities
• Great Himalayan Trail and Guerrilla Trails
• Volunteering opportunities in rural Nepal
• Products made by the women in the rural areas
• Sharing your Ideas & Organizing talk programs
• Connection with organizations or individuals of your interest in Nepal

(Ps. please be involved and be connected, together we can make a difference to our society and if you are interested to list your project under Nepal Connection you are welcome to “Mahabir Dai’s restaurant”, we can discuss your social project having some food knowing that the discussion itself is contributing for a social cause)

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